Extra-Curricular - Music

At Condell Christian School, we consider the study of music and the development of musical abilities important in a young person’s life.

Our goal is to equip our students so they can glorify God and serve Him both vocally and instrumentally.

In order to attain this goal, children in Kindergarten to Year 8 are involved in weekly music lessons, with Middle Primary children also receiving instruction in recorder. Opportunity to commence in the school’s band programme and learn a band instrument is offered to students in Upper Primary; whilst High school students are able to participate in weekly choir and band rehearsals. 

Our biggest event is the end of year Music Concert, where students have the opportunity to present instrumental and choral items.  A senior high elective in music is also available, covering music theory, history, performance and composition.

Currently Mr Wilson Wong, Miss Anna Newlyn and Mrs Erin Matthews are our main music teachers, with Mr Paul Jauregui, Miss Ellen Morgan and Mrs Judy Dixon assisting with instrument instruction.

Meet the Music Teachers

Mr Wilson Wong is our enthusiastic band and choir master.  He graduated from the University of New South Wales in 2012 with a Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Education.  He is a highly skilled musician, with mastery of a range of instruments, with his preferred instrument being the piano.  He is also the music director at his local church and has been heavily involved in the development and promotion of sacred music in Australia.

Miss Anna Newlyn has joined our music teaching team this year as the main violin tutor and K-6 Music teacher.  She is a graduate of Sydney University's prestigious Conservatorium of Music, having completed a Bachelor of Music Education in 2015.  Her skill on the violin has been evidenced by the opportunities that she has been given, including a recent international tour with Sydney North Chamber Orchestra.  Her passion for music extends well beyond her classroom, as seen by her involvement with music programs in the wider community, including in her local church where she faithfully and competently fulfils the role of the choir director.

Mrs Erin Matthews has been a lead music teacher in our school since the inception of the music programme.  She has many years of experience in teaching instrumentalists and vocalists in both a church and school setting.  Having undertaken studies at a Christian College in the 1980's to receive a Diploma in Christian Teaching, she furthered her qualifications by completing a Bachelor of Education at Morling College in 2013.  She is heavily involved in the Primary music programme and in individual tuition for students, particularly those learning woodwind instruments.

Miss Ellen Morgan is usually found teaching English and History in our High School department.  However, she is also a member of the music teaching team.  She is a skilled clarinetist, having learnt the clarinet through the school's music programme when she was a student here herself.  She now assists with individual tuition of clarinet students.

Mrs Judy Dixon has been a very valuable addition to our music teaching team.  She is a well experienced teacher, having only recently retired from classroom teaching.  She is now assisting at CPCS part-time in several domains, including the tuition of brass instrument students.  We also very much appreciate her skill on the piano and her enthusiasm for helping our young pianists to develop to their musical abilities.