Extra-Curricular - Missions Trips

In 1998, Condell Park Bible Church answered the call, along with several other Australian churches, to assist a missionary pastor in the Fiji islands in the construction of a church building. As part of the church's contribution to the labour force, a team of older school students from Condell Park Christian School, along with some parents and teachers, gathered the funds necessary to travel to Fiji for two weeks of hard work and ministry. This proved to be an invaluable experience for everyone involved, particularly the students. Since then the school has returned to Fiji many times to assist the indigenous pastors with the Gospel outreach ministry in the open air, within their churches, their local villages, local schools and hospitals. 

For our school students, these experiences have been in several ways life-transforming, as they have come face-to-face with intensive Gospel teaching, preaching and one-one ministry opportunities to dear souls who are keen to hear the Gospel of the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Some students have enjoyed the great privilege of leading souls to Christ, while others have made lasting friendships and the potential for ministry continues across the miles and waves. Some young people of our Christian School have later returned to Fiji of their own accord for further short-term ministry. 

It is our School's goal to schedule a Senior Students Missions Trip to Fiji every second year, where our young people can experience the culture, the hungry souls for the Gospel, and the challenges of missionary work over a limited period of time. It is the prayer of the school leadership that ...this ripe harvest field may be the place where at least some of our young people would invest their lives in reaping a harvest for the Saviour.


"I was keen to go on the Fiji missions team because I thought it would be both an adventure and a blessing for the people over there. Little did I know that the trip would stretch me mentally, physically and spiritually. The things I saw, the people I met and the opportunities I was given to minister challenged me to be grateful for everything I had been given, and to question what I was doing with my life. Thanks to the 2012 team, my burden for missions was born, and I am now pursuing a future in full-time ministry and missions." - Olivia Matthews, 2012 Fiji Missions Team

"The Fiji Missions Trip was definitely a life changing experience for me. We all went as a team to minister to the Fijian people but, in all honesty, these amazing people ministered to us in so many incredible ways. God has shown me so much during my trip over there. One of the highlights was visiting the Sigatoka Special School. After visiting the school several times, it was so evident to me that a career as a Music Therapist is my heart’s desire and my calling. I praise the Lord that I was given the opportunity to go on this incredible trip with an amazing team who were such a blessing to be around. All of us team members had a wonderful bonding experience and have all become closer as life friends." - Hannah-Marie Helo, 2015 Fiji Missions Team

"Going on the Fiji Missions Trip was one of the best decisions in my life. The 2018 team went to various ministries such as handing out tracts on the streets of Tavua, serving at Liberty Baptist Church, and the children's ministries at the boys' home, Ba Special School and Pr. Bola's home village. Through God's grace, these ministries stretched each and everyone of us in ways that we would have never imagined. One of the many things that the Lord taught me whilst I was in Fiji was the fact that God doesn't look for perfection, but rather a willing heart to fully serve and glorify Him. I truly enjoyed serving God through this wonderful opportunity and the memories that were created will be something I'll never forget." - Rochelle Mero, 2018 Fiji Missions Team

 "I was a little apprehensive when our missions trip was announced and was trying to make excuses as to why I couldn’t go. Because I, as an extremely blessed individual, had absolutely every comfort there is imaginable. And in reality, I didn’t want to leave that. Nevertheless, with a little persuasion, I made my trip to Fiji, and arrived to a striking welcome. No longer was I in my king single bed and perfectly insulated house with all the access to water and food I wanted, and with a heated shower. Instead, I was greeted with a thin foam sheet for a bed, an open window for air conditioning, and an outside shower with only cold water. But while I complained and moaned, the residents gave a welcoming smile and demonstrated a true show of contentment, and the love of Jesus Christ. And just seeing how incredibly on fire for God these people were, and how confident they were proclaiming and praising Christ, was something the Lord really challenged me with. While I was complaining about not having a thick enough bed, these people were experiencing the true transforming power of Jesus Christ in their lives, and the communities around them."
- Matthew Toland, 2018 Missions Team