Our Classes - Pre Reading

Meet the Teacher - Mrs Carol Nasr

My name is Carol Nasr.  I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour in Sunday School, when I was 8 years old.  As I grew up and started to understand more and more about the Saviour and the Christian walk, I recommitted my life to serving the Living God and allowing Him to use me wherever and however He willed.

I have three children - Joshua, Jeremiah and Josiah.  My family and I attend Faith Arabic Baptist Church and are actively involved in the ministry to the glory of our Heavenly Father.

In 1998, I graduated from Macquarie University with my Bachelor of Teaching in Early Childhood.  Since then, I have worked in many and various roles including childcare, before & after school care and casual teaching.  I have also been a Sunday School teacher for 29 years.

I take very seriously the responsibility the Lord has given me in teaching and influencing young children.  Please do pray for me and for the children, that the Lord may be honoured and glorified in all that do, teach and learn.


About Pre-Reading

Pre Reading takes place within a structured environment which integrates a carefully prepared program.  This program is designed to prepare and equip both young children and new parents for the commencement of formal schooling in Kindergarten and beyond.

It further functions to meet the learning needs of each child and to prepare them physically, socially, emotionally, spiritually, and academically .  Pre Reading teaching plans and routines are structured with the intent and purpose of developing children in all areas of learning and maturity.