Our Classes - Upper Primary

Meet the Teacher - Mrs Alison Saba

I am Alison Saba, the leading Upper Primary teacher at Condell Park Christian School (CPCS). I graduated from the University of Western Sydney in 2001 with a Bachelor of Education (Primary). Since then, I have worked at various primary schools, in a range of teaching roles. In 2014, the Lord opened the door for me to teach at CPCS. I count it a privilege to be serving the Lord by teaching the young people of CPCS both academically and spiritually.   

I am currently teaching Upper Primary three days a week (Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays). Brenna Jaworski teaches Upper Primary on Mondays and Fridays. We work closely together to maintain consistency and communicate regularly about the needs of individual students and the class as a whole.


Curriculum and Class Activities

The aim of Upper Primary is to educate Year 5 and 6 children in a God glorifying environment, nourishing students’ spiritual and academic growth. Students are immersed in Biblical knowledge and values through daily prayer, devotions, teaching content and day-to-day interactions with staff and classmates. Students are also encouraged to consistently do their best for the Lord.

Upper Primary helps prepare students for the workload and commitment to learning that is required in High School. Upper Primary students are given a variety of challenging and engaging tasks across all Key Learning Areas. Students are given weekly homework tasks as well as assignments throughout the year.


The Key Learning Areas taught in Upper Primary are:



Science and Technology

History and Geography

Creative Arts

Personal Development/Health/Physical Education

Scripture Memory 


Upper Primary receives weekly music lessons from specialised music teachers. During their time in Upper Primary, students also have the opportunity to join the school’s band programme and learn to play a band instrument.

Students in Upper Primary participate in a variety of learning experiences in the classroom. This includes teacher directed learning, student directed learning, research and investigation tasks and co-operative group work. 

All teaching materials have been carefully selected to educate students within a Christian Worldview.


Pastoral Care

The children in Upper Primary spend most of their learning and play time with Mrs Jaworski and myself.  We enjoy getting to know each student and his or her specific needs, interests and concerns. We care for each child’s spiritual, emotional and social well-being. It is our goal to foster positive peer relationships and encourage spiritual growth on a daily basis.

We recognise that each child is uniquely created by God and has specific strengths and areas of needs. It is our desire to work in partnership with you, as parents, to best meet the needs of your child.