Our Students - Student Testimonials

 "Condell Park Christian School has been a blessing to me and my family for the past eight years. Now as a Year 12 student I can look back and see the invaluable lessons my teachers have taught me. I am indebted to them for their efforts in helping me achieve the best academically, while not neglecting my spiritual walk. I am thankful for all the devotions and times around God's word that have encouraged me to grow spiritually. When I leave school I will carry with me many geat memories and friends that genuinely care for me. CPCS has been a steady influence in my life that has made me more like my Saviour!" - Anthony, Year 12 (2018)


"The school has been such a blessing to my family, educating both my brother and myself for our senior years.  I praise the Lord that there is a school available where the Word of God is read everyday, and where there are teachers that love both their students and the Lord." - Jared, 2015 Year 12 Graudate 


"I graduated from Condell Park Christian School in 2014.  I can honestly say with all of my heart that it is one of the best schools available.  The staff make it so easy to want to learn and to grow closer to God.  Being in the school has taught me some invaluable life lessons that I am now putting to use outside of school.  I've made friends that will last a lifetime.  The school's drive for bringing up Godly young people that will in turn serve God "out there" is its most commendable attribute.  I'm blessed to have been a part of this great little school." - Dhaya, 2014 Year 12 Graduate


"I will be graduating from Condell Park Christian School in 2018. I can honestly say that this school has a high academic standard that is held by all staff and students. The school challenges the students to do the very best that they can do. This school has a Christian emphasise and all classes are taught with a Biblical worldview. The word of God is preached regularly by sound Bible-believing preachers and students are given the oppurtunity to serve God in moring messages. Students and staff both exhibit Christ-like characteristics and encourage unity amongst the students. I would encourage all parents to enrol their children in this school." - Mariam, Year 12 (2018)


"I have been at Condell Park Christian School for three years now.  This year, I am in Year 7.  I believe that this is one of the few schools that give a good education and teach true Christian attributes all through the year.  I am thankful that I have encouraging teachers and friends that help to make this happen.  Due to the small number of children in a class, the questions of the students are always attended to.  On Wednesdays, we have Chapel and on Monday and Thursday mornings we have a challenge from God's Word.  As well as mental exercises, there are two days (Tuesday and Thursday) that we go to the park and have fun activities.  These are just some of the things that I love about this magnificent school." - Justin, Year 7 (2015)


"It has been such a blessing to attend CPCS for the last eight years. I appreciate the godly material taught all throughout the year. It has been such an encouragement to be able to grow up in such a godly environment, with great friends and teachers who encourage each other to live for the Lord. I enjoy the weekly messages as well as the scripture memory program conducted each year. I am extremely thankful for this school's impact on my life and the constant encouragement to grow spiritually and academically" - Hannah, Year 7 (2018)


"I started at Condell Park Christian School at the age of four in the Pre-Reading class.  What I like about this school is that we are different from many other schools.  Our school is an independent Christian school where we have the liberty to teach and learn about Christ.  Our policy is to honour God.  Students are friendly with one another and the teachers are also friendly and approachable.  We have a Scripture Memory programme, which is a blessing.  The teachers are now also becoming involved in completing our Scripture Memory programme!  Our music standards are very God-honouring as well.  The teachers are always wanting what is best for us and they are always encouraging us.  They not only care about our physical and academic growth, but they also care about our spiritual growth.  At school, we spend a lot of time in God's Word and we only teach what is Biblically sound.  For instance, we do not teach evolution, but what the Bible says.  I know for me, personally, that I am blessed to come to a school like this.  Many of the teachers have told us that they did not have the opportunity to go to a Christian school like this one.  I certainly do not take going to this school for granted." - Emily, Year 9 (2015)


"Condell Park Christian School is one of the best schools in the Bankstown area. With great teachers and encouraging friends, this school is a blessing to attend. It has excellent education for young and older learners taught by willingly serving teachers. I am glad to be a part of this community." - Jacob, Year 6 (2018)