Our Students - Caring for our Students

The School is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for children.  The School acknowledges it has a duty of care to various groups of people and that its duty is high with respect to the children in its care.  

A number of policies and procedures are in place to ensure that a caring and appropriate approach is implemented and actioned on a regular basis.


Child Protection - The school is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for children. The school acknowledges that it has a duty of care to various classes of people and that its duty is high with respect to the children in its care. This policy aims to reduce the risk of child abuse and to ensure that a caring and appropriate response is in place and taken. The policy was further updated this year to include the implementation of the new Working With Children Check system. A full text of the Child Protection Policy is available online - see Our School>Policies & Procedures.


Security - The school seeks to maintain a safe and supportive environment, which minimizes risk of harm and helps students to feel secure. Procedures for the security and use of the grounds and buildings and the emergency procedures are contained in the Emergencies and Critical Incidents Policy and Lockdown Policy. These policies are available on request. Also available is a Security policy with guidelines regarding the security of students, buildings and facilities.  Procedures are in place for dealing with emergency situations or incidents that may arise at the school, thereby ensuring the health and safety of all persons. Establishing a high standard of risk management minimises the likelihood of an emergency situation or critical incident arising and, in the event of a situation or incident occurring, reduces its damaging impact. A Work, Health & Safety Policy addresses the need to eliminate unreasonable risks to the health and safety of students and staff.


Supervision - Appropriate measures are taken by School staff to seek to ensure that all students are adequately cared for and supervised while undertaking both on-site and off-site activities, bearing in mind the type of activities and the age of the students involved. The church and school administration recognizes its responsibility in its “duty of care” in supervision and risk management.  This requires anticipating and intercepting as needed: potentially hazardous or harmful circumstances; student actions that are dangerous, unloving or divisive; student attitudes that are not God-glorying; and student expressions that are abusive, hurtful, crude and generally not edifying.  The complete Supervision Policy and Excursion Policy can be obtained on request.


Pastoral Care - Students are aware of and have access to appropriate pastoral care arrangements and counselling. Pastoral care is part of that training programme in exercising Biblically correct methods and plans to teach and train the whole child (spirit, soul and body) to the glory of God. The Christian philosophy of this church-school is based on the authority, authenticity and reliability of the Bible as the complete and final revelation of God concerning all matters of faith, truth and practice.  Pastoral care exists since the school is an integral part of the Church. Church pastoral care, including special services and counselling, is available at all times to all staff and students. Small classes exist within departmental units with each child under close supervision and shepherding by teachers. Also, children are in other ministries of the Church outside of school and in close connection with pastors, youth leaders, staff and carers. A full text of the Pastoral Care Policy can be obtained on request.