Our Students - Honour Roll

Honour Roll status, at either Credit level of Distinction level, is available to High School students on a semester basis.  Qualifying students receive a certificate outling their accomplishment and their names are included in a public Roll of Honour in their classroom.

The basic requirements for achieving Honour Roll are as follows:

a) High standard of academic achievements;

b) Memorisation of required Scripture passages within the set period; 

c) Demonstration of strength of Christian character by the student.


We congratulate the following students on their achievement of Honour Roll in the first semester of 2018:



Junior High School
Brianna Fitzgerald

Middle High School
Noah Fahd

Senior High School
Nathan Morgan, Deng Acuil



Junior High School
Hannah Larrigaudiere, Elizaveta Panova, Adria Saba,

Middle High School
Faith Elhelou, Charlese Fahd, Samantha Fitzgerald, Justin Karam, Angelica Panov, Ksenia Panova

Senior High School
Caitlin Hickson, Idora Karam, Kayley Battistuzzi, Kate Castillo, Anthony Panov