Our Students - Bible Award

"Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee."

Students will be eligible for the Bible Award trophy at the end of the year if they learn nine Scripture passages within the first two weeks of each four-week learning period and review each passage within the prescribed three-week period in Term 4.

Should a student fail to achieve the Bible Award trophy, they may still be elligble for the Scripture Memory Certificate by ensuring that each of the nine Scripture passages are recited within the allocated four-week learning period.

We are blessed each year to see the vast majority of our student body striving for the Bible Award trophy and we congratulate the following students on their achievement of the Bible Award trophy in 2017:




Raymond Abou-Haidar, Hannah Ayoub, Holly Fitzgerald, Daniel Ghossain, Matthew Ghossain, Gabriell Lawton, Naomi Moumdjian, Anabelle Roklicer, Thomas Roklicer

Year 1
Bethany Bacon, Luke Fahd, Levi Helou, Abigail Houais, Levi Jaworski, Raphael Lawton,

Year 2
Mary Ayoub, Nathanael Bacon, Ruth Bishop, Lydia Fabro, Abigail Fahd, Emma Fahd, Mikayla Farah, Justin Fitzgerald, Kassiah Geronimo, Tobias Irvine, Jonathan Larrigaudiere, Kyan Leys

Year 3

Victoria Cutrer, Mia Dagher, Jonathan Ghossain, Daniella Houais, Mia Jaworski, Joel Larrigaudiere, Marissa Saba

Year 4

May Abou-Haidar, Tara Ayoub, Isaac Ayoub, Phebe Bishop, Samantha Ghossain, Ryah Helou, Russel Israel, Kianna Leys, Adam Panov, Rachel Roklicer

Year 5
Yar Acuil, Alex Elhelou, Christen Fahd, Jacob Fahd, Melinda Fear,

Year 6
Liana Ayoub, Jemima Ayoub, Brandon Elhelou, Alanah Fahd, Brianna Fitzgerald, Kayleigh Geronimo, Hannah Larrigaudiere, Nazareth Lologa, Alexander Panov, Elizaveta Panova, Adria Saba

Year 7
Dyanga Bengamine Beshere

Year 8
Gabriel Battistuzzi, Tanya Dominique, Faith Elhelou, Haziel Fabro, Charlese Fahd, Noah Fahd, Samantha Fitzgerald

Year 9
Acuil Acuil, Joshua Hickson, Justin Karam, Angelica Panov, Ksenia Panova

Year 10
Idora Karam, Nathan Morgan, Matthew Toland, Joseph Trumble

Year 11
Deng Acuil, Kayley Battistuzzi, Mariam Bengamine Beshere, Kate Castillo, Emily Daly, Anthony Panov

Year 12
Madeleine Boatto